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ООО Прайтек Рус 

Global Investment and Tech Transfer Platform             

 PRYTEK’s holistic portfolio of companies provides a ‘one stop shop’ for enterprises seeking digital transformation in Fintech, Human Resources, Cyber Security, Ai, and Media tech. Each of the companies in PRYTEK’s portfolio has been handpicked for its ability to deliver innovative and transformative solutions to enterprises and, as a corollary, its potential to deliver an exceptional return on funds invested. By combing investment with extensive distribution capabilities, PRYTEK is a true growth partner for each of the technology companies in which it invests.


PRYTEK turns Venture Capital on its head by dispensing with management fees and carry. These expenses are instead re-invested in the portfolio makes of PRYTEK 37.5% more efficient than its VC counterparts as these funds are re-invested in the portfolio’s growth in order to deliver a higher ROI, transforming PRYTEK into a true investment partner. Investors have the ability to engage with a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies with enormous growth potential.


PRYTEK’s suite of cutting-edge solutions provide enterprises with the means to manifest real, quantifiable, digital transformation. Each of PRYTEK’s solutions are selected for their innovative, disruptive and unique technologies, as well as their scalability and agility.


PRYTEK’s business model and market positioning means that their portfolio companies get exposure to markets that would otherwise be well beyond their reach. Further, PRYTEK itself is tasked with marketing and selling solutions in emerging markets, making them a real, ‘hands on’ partner for growth.

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